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BBSHD controller on hub motor/hub controller cutting power

Posted: Jan 17 2020 3:15am
by petrun
Hi, I read many topics here but I didn't see anyone trying to connect a BBSHD controller to a hub motor.
I have a 750w bafang fat motor and I try 2 controllers but both are cutting power after a while when the battery is full. First I use a 25a 9fet kt controller and after I change to a 30a 12fet controller but same problem(controller it's not covered and it doesn't seem hot to touch). I use 52v battery but on 48v its cutting too so I order a phaserunner hoping to fix this problem(I have a CA v3 for a few years).
I have another bike with a BBSHD and I was thinking later if I want to try the phaserunner on it , if I could use the controller on the hub. I know it's more difficult to find a suitable controller for BBSHD but maybe the other way would work ok.