Bafang 850C Quick-Release Mod?

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Bafang 850C Quick-Release Mod?

Post by mynameisfiber » Nov 28 2019 5:18am

Hi All,

I'm currently rocking a vanilla TSDZ2 install with the V5LCD display. One thing I really love about it is that I can quickly remove the display when parking so that it doesn't get damaged/stolen. It's also nice to be able to pop it off when on a long ride and I need to flip the bike to make some adjustments.

However, I'm thinking about installing the OpenTSDZ2 firmware with the Bafang 850C display. My first concern though is whether I'll still be able to quick-release the display. Looking over the manual it doesn't seem like this is possible, but I also wouldn't have thought it was possible with the V5LCD just looking at the manual. So my question is, does anyone know if it is possible to quick-release the vanilla Bafang 850C display or if there is a hack that I could do to make it work?

Thanks so much!

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