Sabvoton 72150 Regen makes the bike go faster!

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Sabvoton 72150 Regen makes the bike go faster!

Post by SaabGuy » Nov 25 2019 1:24pm

I added a 12v brake trigger to my hydraulic brake handle and was in the process of setting up regen braking on a Sabvoton 72150 when i found this weird issue.

As the title says, regen mode makes the bike gain speed. I had the bike on a stand, gave it a bit of throttle, triggered the brake switch ... and nothing, it just idles down. So I restart my test and get the wheel going a bit faster, trigger the brake switch and the damn thing speeds up with 0% throttle! Disabling regen fixes the issue, but then of course, i dont have regen. Brake mode was disabled and i also tried shorting the variable brake pin to +5v. Regen set for 50 amps and 1rpm min in the software.

Here's what i have for wiring, though i think i have an additional brake thats activated when grounded.


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