Programming bafang hub motor 500W- 48V

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Programming bafang hub motor 500W- 48V

Post by Hcm » Nov 15 2019 5:05am

Hi guys, long time lurker but finally decided to ask for some help since I can't find information regarding this.

I have 2 ebikes,
1- direct drive hub 36V, 500W (9C clone, I guess),KT controller, LCD3 screen
2-recently got a bafang 48V geared hub motor with DPC-18 screen for a full suspension mountain bike

So, I'm used to the pas levels in the KT bike and the bafang PAS just seems lousy. Currently at 0-5 levels and at level 2 I already have maximum power (it's going up to 900W). Can it be programmed to behave like the KT controller-screen? Do you program the screen or the controller?

KT pas levels--just limits power, unlimited speed.

Can only find information for the mid drives, not for hubs

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