Q100H/Q100C Road Bike Update

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Q100H/Q100C Road Bike Update

Post by Ltc433 » Oct 15 2019 7:28am


A follow up to this post viewtopic.php?f=2&t=89657&p=1307575#p1307575, 2 years ago.

700C road bike for range and some hills. Not interested in speed.

1. Motor

Q100H @ 260rpm - https://bmsbattery.com/motor/631-16312- ... 13-rpm-201


Q100C @ 201rpm - https://bmsbattery.com/motor/618-16305- ... 14-rpm-328

2. Controller

The Sine wave controller recommended are on PSP Power.

a) Is the s09P on BMS Battery compatible?
b) Has anyone used the Android app? Is it any good? It's the main reason to buy from the same place as the motor as it would save shipping cost.

PSP Power Controllers

Q100H - 20A /500W- http://www.pswpower.com/ven.php?cargo.2016-3f-33c0
Q100C - 17A/350w - http://www.pswpower.com/ven.php?cargo.2016-3f-39n8

BMS got back in touch and are recommending the S12S controller at 30A. https://bmsbattery.com/home/1024-s12s-5 ... oller.html

3. LCD Display can be chosen.
4. Q100H - Freewheels - I have 3 front chain rings -

I have a rear cassette which is a plus for the Q100C.

5. Has anything changed since my last post 2 years ago and is the advice the same?

"I run a 17 AMP "soft start" controller on the C and a 20 Amper on the H, so that averages things out somewhat. maybe 20% is the real world."

"For me, both the 260 and the 328 on the same batt. and controller in a 26" whl. will top out @ 22 to 23 mph. The 260 is rpm limited and the 328 is power limited. I can't add any speed w/ my legs w/ the 260, but if I pedal like hell, I can add a couple of mph on the 328. But the price payed is the 328 is really lazy in the mid-range and at top speed, it wants the controller to supply max Amps, which can over heat the controller. Put the 328 in a big wheel, and those traits are excerbated. Here, I disagree w/ Dave a bit, as I think the 260H will work well in a 26" wheel for most folks. In a 700 whl, here the rider's abilities come into play as to how well it will work. Here you will see a theme, the big wheels push the Cutes to their limit, which makes the rider's abilities paramount. 328 in 700 is only for Super riders."

Bottom line, I would recommend the 201 "C" motor w/ the 17 A sine wave if you want to stay a little closer to the "bicycle experience" But, top speed will be limited to around 22 to 23 mph.
The 260H on 20 Amps would be better for those days when you feel lazy and don't care to pedal hard. It will climb hills better and the top speed would be 23 to 25 mph."


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