My battery building business...need your help

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Re: My battery building business...need your help

Post by spinningmagnets » Jul 12 2019 10:09am

There is nothing wrong with using the 25R cells. If I am reading this right, the pic above appears to be a 14S / 12P pack. If that is true and you are drawing 150A, then 150A /' 12P = 12.5A per cell. These cells are capable of higher temporary amps, so at this duty cycle, they will run cool, and should last a long time. For longest pack life I highly recommend charging to only 4.1V per cell, so 14S would be 57.4V

I don't have any suggestions for shipping. That is a minefield, and those who have survived it did not succeed without collecting a few scars along the way.

I do have two suggestions that I hope will be helpful. First, get an affordable FLIR camera, there are several brands that attach to a smart-phone to use the phone as the screen. This will identify any hot spots, not only to help you upgrade any spots that need that (there might be no hot spots), but it can also reassure any potential customers that their concerns have been answered.

My second suggestion is to run the pack with a data-logging watt-meter. They are not expensive. When you are at a stop and then accelerate up to top-speed very rapidly, the controller and BMS might only draw the max 150A for a few seconds. Then, you might only draw 40A (or less) to maintain speed. If the pack only draws the top amps for a few seconds, then you might have the option of using a different cell.

The 30Q has 25% more range (3000-mAh compared to 2500-mAh), and your goal of 150A from 12P would still only draw a temporary 12.5A per cell, which the 30Q should still easily handle. They are also known to have a longer life-cycle than the 25R, but sometimes a customer simply wants the max amps, so the 25R definitely puts out more, and has an affordable price...

Unscrupulous customers can absolutely ruin your business. The secret to making a million dollars in the lithium battery building business is to...start out with two million.

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Re: My battery building business...need your help

Post by electraflyit » Jul 13 2019 4:25am

Thanks for the reply Flippy.
Yep, I'll do it the way you explained.

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