Large transformer as charger

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Large transformer as charger

Post by vax » Sep 29 2014 8:11am

Hello folks
Recently I got a rather bulky transformer (around 5kg of metal), that has following markings:
Primary coil 220V
Secondary coil 67V
8 A

So, I thought, perfect candidate for undestroyable charger, just add diode rectifier and thats it
However, how to control current? I suspect, that empty battery draws significantly more than 8A, maybe even so much that transformer or battery is overheated? Couple of H4 bulbs in series?
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Re: Large transformer as charger

Post by Matt Gruber » Sep 29 2014 5:02pm

i ordered one of these for such experiments ... EBIDX%3AIT

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Re: Large transformer as charger

Post by ARod1993 » Sep 29 2014 8:41pm

The easiest trick for that is to throw a motor start capacitor in series with the 220V primary winding; at 50Hz the capacitor will exhibit a reactance equal to (3183 Ohms/capacitance in uF). If you only want 8 amps coming in the primary side, then you want a reactance around 27.5 ohms; a 100uF motor start capacitor would get you an input current of 7-8A on the primary side; it's cleaner and easier to control than using lightbulbs.

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Re: Large transformer as charger

Post by Schlafmutze » Sep 30 2014 11:46am

You're going to need something to control the voltage, as rectifying it will make 105VDC.



Though the transformer likely has isolation, so its safer than directly using power from the wall.

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