Cheapest ebike charger

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Re: Cheapest ebike charger

Post by motomech » Jul 19 2012 3:06pm

ian.mich wrote:I give up.
Well, you asked for it. You post with a mildly inflammatory title, asking a question when you already have your mind made up and are willing to argue with folks that have been doing this for a long time. All this based on the recommendation of the shadowy "Ebike Guy" who has sold "around a 1000 hardcase lipos", and we are left to assume, trim pot current modified, S-model MeanWells, to charge them all(you do realize, that 1000 4S hardcases would be 166 12S 10Ah packs :roll: , or basicly, one a day for 6 months). Really you are getting into border-line trolling territory and nobody here likes trolls.
You can't stuff Lipo into cutey little boxs, it's not a "in-the-box endeaver. And in doing so, you are, in-so-many-words, saying balance chargers are a waste of time and money and what you guys are doing is with-out need or merit.
What you are promoting is Lipo exploitation without involvement, hardly something that will receive a hardy endorsement here.

I didn't join this conversation till late by intention, as I generally pass-over titles with the adjective "cheap" in them, because in English, the word cheap also denotes , shoddy, or of the lowest quality and that implies the poster doesn't have an understanding of the relationship between price and quality, which equals value. And I think that has been borne out here. A genuine MeanWell is a quality product, but even current limited[and there are better means than using a trimmer], it is not an intelligent battery charger and can't replace one.
In the world of Lipo, the needed intelligence of the charger is inversely proportional to the intelligence of the operator. I'm at least intelligent enough to have proven that to myself.

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Re: Cheapest ebike charger

Post by electraflyit » Jul 19 2012 10:12pm

Well said Motomech

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Re: Cheapest ebike charger

Post by deVries » Jul 30 2012 1:33am

dnmun wrote:one lipo fire in my house in a lifetime is more than enuff.
Did you figure-out what the cause was???

Ahh, did a search to find out about one with your tenant... or was there another fire too, since you said "my house" ???
dnmun wrote:once had to deal with a laptop battery fire. the tenant had left his laptop charging, buried in the down comforter on his bed while he went to school. it caught the comforter on fire after going into thermal runaway, ignited the bed. i heard the alarm and was able to put out the fire but the cells were so hot they had melted out of the laptop and were still discharging into a dead short internally until they had consumed all the stored energy. they were like homer simpson's glowing green uranium fuel slug. melted the carpet when they fell out and charred the carpet too, melting right through it.

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