15s lipo/li ion with 48v controller

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15s lipo/li ion with 48v controller

Post by geoff57 » May 28 2020 8:17am

I have a 48v controller that has 63v capacitors in it.
Will a 15s lipo (max 63v) work with the controller?
At the moment it has a 14s battery it came originally with a 13s battery.
Changing the controller would not be impossible but would not be easy.
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Re: 15s lipo/li ion with 48v controller

Post by motomech » May 28 2020 12:03pm

No way of knowing when pushing the Values that close. With genaric controllers w/ cheap caps, I've had one that worked and one that blew the cap.
Unless you aren't overly worried about losing the controller, I wouldn't try it.

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Re: 15s lipo/li ion with 48v controller

Post by 999zip999 » May 28 2020 3:42pm

That will last as long as it last. But I would connect with precharge resistor before plugging in main battery. So not to spark or over load the caps.

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