BMW i3 BMS and charger

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BMW i3 BMS and charger

Post by pki » Jan 13 2020 11:46am

Hi there.

I have installed the BMW i3 battery (60Ah version) into an berlingo with MES DEA drive. So far so good, and first tests are very positive. Now working on BMS and charging.

I have the original BMW charger, BMS and charge socket control module. Is it sufficent to connect all this together (12V and CAN), or does it need some more electronics from the car to start the charge process?

If i have no success with above i would like to:

- purchase a charger in the power range of about 3kW. Any idea?
- purchase seperate BMS modules, for each module (8 modules of 12S)
- the BMS modules should have an output to control the main contactor in case of detected problems?!
- BMS/Voltage/SoC display?

Can You recommend anything? Many thanks

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