Frey M600 V2, 21700 battery pack

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Frey M600 V2, 21700 battery pack

Post by tsellers » Dec 04 2019 8:28pm

I recently received shipment of a Frey M600 V2 eBike. Instead of buying the 18650 OEM battery, which requires separate shipping via UPS for an additional $150.00, I decided to make my own. Frey facilitated my ability to do this by selling me three empty battery cases for the bike that I bought. This would allow me to take advantage of using the newer 21700 cells, and as well, make both 48 and 52V battery packs. For this project I used LG M50 21700 Li_ion cells in a 13S2P configuration that resulted in a 48V 10AH capacity pack.

The first part of this video outlines some of the considerations you need to take into account if you plan to make your own battery pack for this bike.

It should be noted that the internal volume of the empty battery case is not compatible with assembling a 52V battery using 21700 cells unless you are happy with a 14S 1P configuration that will result in a capacity of only 5AH. So for the 52V pack I used one of the empty battery cases as an interface to connect a 14S2P external battery to the motor (picture is at end of this video). Because this video ended up being so long, the external pack will have to be featured in a subsequent demonstration.
Regards, John

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