Chinese Moped Rebuild BHM E road, CIEBIKE Clever etc.

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Chinese Moped Rebuild BHM E road, CIEBIKE Clever etc.

Post by mnmarov » Jan 26 2020 11:31am

Hello, Guys, I am rebuilding a Chinese scooter to use as a daily to work.
Preface: I have a 50 cc Guilera Runner that has served me well for a year, lately is started developing starter problems. No shop will touch a fuel injected one with a 10 ft pole. So... I tried cycling to work for a while, it's ok going there as it is downhill, the opposite not so much. I need something that I can fix with a hairpin and a blindfold. Electric using off the shelf parts and... A seat that does not go up your a@#!ss. I found this one partly working fro 230 eyros.


This is from the wheel spin test. Old controller vs new:


Next job onto the battery and wiring. Time to order components from china and wait for 3 months :(

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Re: Chinese Moped Rebuild BHM E road, CIEBIKE Clever etc.

Post by Tnubs » Mar 16 2020 9:02am

I did something very similar to yours. Not trying to hijack, but it may help you in some way. I have my batteries in a backpack and the sabvoton 72150 is mounted under the seat. I modified my seat to look more like a ruckus bc I didn’t like the storage part, it ruined the skeleton look as I decided not to use any plastics. I get tons of people staring at me when I ride it around. Motor is a 3 turn qs205 v3. It hits about 60mph/100kph.

I took the swing arm from a 50cc trike I found that was trashed. The dude just gave it to me and it was a flawless fit.
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