Vectrix VX1 throttle/wire harness repurposed

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Vectrix VX1 throttle/wire harness repurposed

Post by mk77 » Oct 19 2019 9:38am

Thought the audience here might appreciate this.... I had two Vx1's until an accident
total'ed one of them. Not wanting to contribute to the landfill I decided to use
the remnants of the crashed bike in a build. It has been a long time accumulating
parts/bits/pieces but the 'system' is complete enough to run, albeit on a bench.
System components: Enertrac motor, Kelly Controller, Vectrix ICM/wire harness/throttle,
My own Converter, ADH-Tech Print scanner w/ my own interface, Thuderstruck EVCC/Charger,
Orion BMS, LiFePo4 +12v (40ahr) Thundersky Aux battery, BestGo LiFePo4 100v 80ahr traction
The Vectrix Vx1 PWM throttle runs an Enertrac motor thru a Kelly Controller.
Sorry for the lighting in the video but basically it goes: power to the finger print
scanner, finger scan-system powers up, Kelly gives green light, system lights on,
Vectrix brake tap and contactor pulls in, run the motor, green 'system'
indicator (late to point it out), second finger scan to power system down then
power off to print scanner.
The video is here: ...
Electrons are fun to play with... there are so many of them and they are SO responsive!

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