Yadea Z3 2,5KW 72V 17s Li-Ion 26Ah

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Yadea Z3 2,5KW 72V 17s Li-Ion 26Ah

Post by MVS » Mar 26 2020 12:04pm

I am having a reliability issue with an Yadea Z3 electric scooter.
When dropping the front wheel the dashboard gear numbers (1 or 2) disappear and it stops responding to the throttle. Dropping it some more fixes it until the next road bump. Probably an internal bad connector.
Anyone else bumped into this or will I have to check most of the wiring (starting from the gear switch connector)?
I made a complete evaluation of the removable Panasonic battery. If someone else finds it interesting I can share some information.
Thanks in advance for all your help.

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Re: Yadea Z3 2,5KW 72V 17s Li-Ion 26Ah

Post by AngryBob » Apr 02 2020 1:19pm

Almost certainly a loose connection. Check for pins backed out of sockets.

Please do share info on battery.
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