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Questions regarding KBS Controller settings

Posted: Nov 04 2019 7:37am
by marmuel
Hey there,

I have the following setup:

Kelly Controller KBS48121L (Motor Current Limit, 1 minute: 120A, Motor Current Limit, continuous: 50A)
Battery: 48V 30Ah 1440W
Motor: Crystalyte 2000W

Now I'm looking for the right settings:

- Under Voltage: 40V
- Over Voltage: 60V

Is that correct?

I'm using regen with started by a brake switch (12V on BRK2 controller input, coming from the brake lights).

- Regen Current by Brake Switch On: 50%
- Regen Current by Brake Switch On: 100%

Is that to much for my setup or is it ok?

Thank you for your help!