Hotmail/Outlook Block Sender

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Hotmail/Outlook Block Sender

Post by markz » Feb 03 2015 2:47am

- If I block someone, do they have a clue that I blocked them?
- Does the email reply back to sender that its undelivered?

Hey I got this retard who sends me daily emails, lets call them jokes.
He spouts off their always positive. Whatever.
I do not know when, but the first time I went through this with same retard, I sent him an email saying take me off the list.
Good guy takes me off.
Fast forward X amount of time. I cant remember when I went through this, but I remember doing it.
I run into retard again recently, last week.
Get to talking on business, quick 5 minute chat.
As I am trying to end the conversation (between me and 3 other people), retard goes "I remember you wanted off my email mailing list"
I tried to act dumb but my honesty came through. I gave in, said I kinda remember.
He says, hey Big Guy or Bossman (two terms which I love to hear when people dont know your name, I think of it as a sign of respect, like I am powerful, but whatever) - you want back on the list. Their all positive "jokes".
In the back of my mind, I go give him a fake email.
Honesty prevails. I gave him my "Junk Mail Email" generic email addy.
I say to self, automatically move his emails to delete folder.
He then moves in for my partners email.
My friend gives email easily.
Privately my friend told me he never uses that email. Good stuff.
I go home and I am going to master this retards emails he sends me.
I mess around, auto move I know how to do.
I come across BLOCK!

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Re: Hotmail/Outlook Block Sender

Post by dnmun » Feb 03 2015 3:18am

i did not know that there was anyone using hotmail anymore or yahoo. seems like everyone uses gmail now and chrome.

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