ASI BAC800-->BBSHD. Shift-sensor cable?

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ASI BAC800-->BBSHD. Shift-sensor cable?

Post by faargo.g » Mar 14 2020 9:56am

I'm currently half way through installing a bac800 on my bbshd and I've got the motor hooked up.. Do you need to purchase a new shift-sensor or extension? Because the original shift sensor connects to the part along the cable and the other end is fixed/glued into the original bbshd controller. So this means you don't have a long enough shift sensor cable from the Bac800 to the part installed along the cable.

From the bac800 there are 2 shorter wires, a yellow(I think is for the shift sensor?) and a red(lights). But they are only short wires and wont reach to the chainstay where the connection needs to be plugged in. Does this mean I have to buy a shift sensor cable/extension? Wondering how others did this

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