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Fast, best ROI speed pedelec for a heavy guy

Posted: Jan 17 2020 11:52am
by rtravisboyd
I was hoping the forum might be able to help me make a decision on an e-bike. I'm seriously considering the FREY EX Pro, one of Luna's offerings, or possibly a Watt Wagon. Other options, if price wasn't an obstacle, would possibly be an eROCKIT (different class altogether, but may fit my needs), Optibike R15C, Biktrix's Juggernaut (their bike can support my weight), the coming Neematic, Greyp, Bultaco Brinco R, HPC’s Scout and Titan bikes, Exess bike, M2S m600... the list is near endless. But, I would appreciate the belt drive and enclosed gears the Watt Wagon offers. Course I could go the PG-Bikes BlackTrail route if I really wanted to spend serious cash. But, I'm more about the most bang for the buck.

My question is, what is the fastest pedelec on the market that you know of, that delivers far above its price point? I was wanting your input as to what might work best for me.

For some background, I'd mostly be using this bike for a 40-mile round trip commute to work and back daily, when the weather allows. That way, I can get some exercise and save on gas! However, once some weight comes off, I would love to start trail riding once in a while, so a bike that was good at this would help. I'm currently at 350 (yikes) but I'm losing and I'm hoping an e-bike commute to work will help. I'm also somewhere between 6'2" and 6'3" tall. It would take some serious battery to help me make the distance.

Any input you are willing to provide would be greatly appreciated!

Re: Fast, best ROI speed pedelec for a heavy guy

Posted: Jan 18 2020 11:19pm
by markz
"Best bang for the buck"
"Delivers far above the price point"

Aint no store purchased bike or no Luna bought bike.
The solution is in a plug and play kit that you place on a real bicycle with millions and millions of dollars spent on frame geometry design, strength testing, rider positioning, human skeleton assessments, tube angle design. Not no Luna basement designs, or the like, say alibaba/aliexpress/crowd funding/ebay/amazon mystery bicycles.

Take a real bicycle manufacturer like Giant, Trek, Specialized, Rocky Mountain and pick a bike that you feel comfortable riding. Heck, even get a bicycle frame fitment assessment done.
If its a full suspension, find one where the rear suspension doesnt impede the triangle for perfect battery placement.

Mind you, you am liking the big name ebikes like Trek, solely based on the look. But when I see the price tags of such ebikes, makes me wanna gag and puke.

"40 mile round trip"
What is the terrain like, many hills, how steep are the hills, lots of stop and go or is it easy cruising speeds?

Option 1 is a hub motor that is geared, like the MAC motor.
Option 2 is a hub motor that is non-geared direct drive like the Leaf motor.
Option 3 is a mid drive motor like the BBS02 and BBSHD and Cyclone-TW

Which one you choose is based on what you will be riding.

"Pedal Assist"

You could just get a KT display type kit with 5 levels of assist.
Get everything here, including reputable battery, a quality charger, excellent components
Tell them you want it to be plug and play, so they match up the connectors.

KT Leafmotor and Leafbike, 1000W or 1500W direct drive hub motor
Get the rear hub motor
Grab some spare throttles
Grab their torque arms China China
https://www.ebikes./com Canada China California *Just buy their kit, dont waste your money on a complete ebike. You get more ebike when you buy the kit, better battery for longer rides.

Re: Fast, best ROI speed pedelec for a heavy guy

Posted: Jan 24 2020 9:26am
by rtravisboyd
Thank you so much for your helpful and thorough reply! Those are some good points.

Right, I forgot about the terrain. It would mostly be flat, with a few long up/downhills.

Re: Fast, best ROI speed pedelec for a heavy guy

Posted: Jan 24 2020 9:39am
by spinningmagnets
A long uphill tells me you might be best served by a mid drive, that way you can downshift whe you get to a hill (as opposed to a hubmotor having one "speed"). I have a BBSHD at 1500W, and after I swapped to a smaller chainring, my top speed is around 25-MPH, but in low gear, it can climb anything in my city without getting hot.

If the land was all flat, you'd have the option of a big direct-drive hubmotor in a small rear wheel. Very simple and robust. That way, you'd never be bothered by needing to constantly change gears. Of course, with my mid drive, I have to occasionally replace the chain and sprockets from wear since my legs barely put out 200W and I am giving these components a steady diet of 1500W.

Re: Fast, best ROI speed pedelec for a heavy guy

Posted: Jan 24 2020 9:51am
by rtravisboyd
Right, I had been leaning towards a mid-drive. I prefer the feel of them, anyways.