Blix Vika+ Upgraded Version

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Blix Vika+ Upgraded Version

Post by GadgetJim57 » Dec 08 2019 8:58pm

Does anyone have the new upgraded Blix Vika+ … 48v/14amp/500w/disk brakes ? I'm asking for a friend who is considering getting it ...

The Blix website claims a 45 mile range, but I'm very skeptical ….

I have the older Blix Vika+ … 36v/11amp/350w … no disk brakes. The bike shop rep told me that I could expect a range of 30-60 miles !!! Brand new I could just barely ride 15 miles, pedal assist most of the way … !!!

Now, after riding my Blix Vika+ for around 16 months. I can just barely make it 9-10 miles !!! I have to stop at Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts to charge at 9 miles, just so I can make it to work (15 miles each way). Then coming home, must stop and charge somewhere again.

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