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by jroeske
Jan 29 2020 5:50pm
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Topic: Lithium Ion Battery
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Lithium Ion Battery

Almost new lithium ion battery 1/15/2019 w/warranty-10 charges-72v 30ah w/Samsung 30q cells w/charger. 280 mm tall x 200 mm long x 150 mm wide in steel box w/on-off button and LED voltage readout-pictures available. Bought wrong size for my build. Paid $1069.00 will sell for $800.00 w/free shipping ...
by jroeske
Jan 20 2020 5:47am
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Topic: QSmotor/SiAecosys/Taizhou CT-22 Programming. 1 of 8
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Re: QSmotor/SiAecosys/Taizhou CT-22 Programming. 1 of 8

hi there have a ct-22 and with the information in these posts I have been able to program everything but the battery voltage meter any help would be greatly appreciated