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by prosodyspeaks
Oct 15 2019 7:47am
Forum: E-Bike Technical
Topic: Hub Motor as Generator - 3 phase rectify vs. Regen
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Re: Hub Motor as Generator - 3 phase rectify vs. Regen

hi! you still here?! sorry for the necro-posting, but i'm just about to build a pedal-power generator around a hub motor and am trying to establish best method of controlling charge - i wondered how your work with brake regen as a charge circuit went and if you have any insight to offer? https://end...
by prosodyspeaks
Oct 14 2019 11:14pm
Forum: Alternative Energy
Topic: Hub Motor Bicycle Generator
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Hub Motor Bicycle Generator

Hi! First time post :) i'm helping a community group make a bicycle generator and trailer-based soundsystem and hoped somebody might have a few words of wisdom to keep me on the right track! the generator will charge a 12v SLA battery on the trailer. i intend to use an Ebike rear-hub motor permanent...