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by martin_284
Jan 29 2020 1:25pm
Forum: E-Scooter and Motorcycle General Discussion
Topic: Problem kelly controller
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Problem kelly controller

Hello. I have this controller КЕБ72101. I wanted to make changes and did not realize that the tire should not rotate. I currently have a steady red light.And I can't connect to the controller. Can you give me a hand ?Thanks in advance.
by martin_284
Jan 19 2020 8:10am
Forum: Motor Technology
Topic: Mobipus 72200 problem when writting
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Mobipus 72200 problem when writting

Hello there, I have a problem with recently bought Mobipus 72200 controller. I bought it second hand and now the guy who sold it to me doesnt answer anymore. Anyway, it seems that I cannot configure the controller to work with my setup. With the mobipus program, i can connect, I can read values and ...