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by davidjbacon
Jan 12 2013 3:47pm
Forum: Motor Technology
Topic: A Serious Yuneec Thread
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Re: A Serious Yuneec Thread

I don't have any recent information, but my suspicion is that the Yuneec company is in tatters following the E1000 (prototype) fatality in May 2011: http://light-sport-hangar-flyin.blogspo ... -lost.html
by davidjbacon
Jul 12 2012 8:20pm
Forum: Motor Technology
Topic: Resources
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Re: Resources

Shane Colton's paper on an MIT scooter motor educational workshop. IMO, Shane Colton's 2010 Master's thesis (which discusses the scooter motors and then goes on to present an axial-flux motor design, as case studies) is even better: